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Playa del Carmen

The famous « Tortuga Reef », Barracuda Reef, Moc Che Profundo, and Punta Venado are but a few of the most popular dive sites along the coast of Playa del Carmen.

We invite you to discover them…

Tortue à tortuga reef

Raie aigle léopard sur l'épave

All the reefs are easily accessible by boat, only a few minutes from our departure point.

Come and dance with the turtles that drift along the current.

Come lie by the green morays, or watch the stingrays lazily resting on the sand.

The following equipment is recommended to dive in Playa del Carmen:

  • 3 mm wetsuit,
  • masks, fins, snorkel,
  • regulator,
  • classic BCD,
  • computer if you have one.

Of course you can rent the equipment from us and we also have new equipment for sale a tour store, if you ‘re looking for good deals.

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