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Welcome to Phocea Dive Center!

Come and share our passion... these words perfectly reflect the atmosphere at Phocea:

  • First of all, for us diving means pleasure (the pleasure to discover its underwater treasures), professionalism (we dive with the highest safety standards) and a great atmosphere (being serious doesn´t mean it can´t be fun).

  • Come to discover Mexico, a country with a rich culture, ancient traditions, magic places and friendly people.
The Yucatan peninsula enjoys a tropical climate, that allows you to dive all year long, in warm waters, with excellent visibility.

The water temperature ranges from 79°F and 84°f in the sea, depending on the season and 75°f all year long in the cenotes.

With Phocea, you can practice diving as you like it, according to your wishes and your level, the only limit will be your experience and the air you use.
For your comfort and safety, we only take few divers at a time (max. 4 to 5 divers per guide) in order to offer a personalized service.

The Phocea team

Martine, Didier and their French-Mexican team, welcome you to offer you the best of Phocea.

Our serious, dynamic, passionate and professional team is here for you to make your vacations an unforgettable experience.

All our guides and instructors speak French, English and Spanish and are certified by internationally recognized dive organizations.

Make diving your profession

Come and discover all the options of professional training that Phocea Gold Palm IDC Center has to offer: Divemaster, Instructor, IDC Staff and much more.

Hotel Colibri

Phocea diversifies its services and offers TEK diving

Together with Pascal Bernabé, Phocea offers TEK courses, to discover more about the mysterious cenotes (Full Cave course) or to dive deeper and safely on the fault between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel (Trimix course). Pascal Bernabe holds the world record of the deepest scuba dive (-330 meters !)

If you are already certified, you can dive with a professional guide who will show you the Cenotes and their marvels, and will take you in the footsteps of the ancient Maya.

Phocea Mexico accommodation: the Plaza hotel

The Plaza Hotel is located just opposite the diving center, a two-minute walk from the beach.

The hotel has 30 comfortable recently renovated and decorated rooms equipped with 2 double beds, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, bathroom, safety deposit box, TV and mini-bar. Some of the rooms are ideal for families as they have 3 double beds and a kitchenette. Rooms have a private terrace or direct access to the interior hotel patio, a refuge from the heat, where you can have a rest.

The Plaza hotel is the ideal place to relax in a quiet, laid-back atmosphere after a diving experience in the turquoise-blue Caribbean Sea. Visit the Plaza Hotel web site.

Whale sharks Come and swim with the whale sharks!

From June to September, a unique adventure awaits you! Come and swim with the whale sharks! You can also see manta rays, dolphins and turtles during this unforgettable "safari".

This year, Phocea is once again a «Whaleshark Project Center ». This program is about counting and marking these animals we know so little about, in order to study them, understand them and protect them.

To extend your vacations and your unforgettable dives, stay in touch with us!

Come on and dive with the Bull Sharks

From November to March, come and dive everyday with the Bull Sharks. This dive is organized on a sandy bottom about 20 meters deep where you will just have to wait a few minutes before the sharks arrived. They are very curious animals, and they will probably get close to you at less than 2 meters.

The Phocea Team received a special training in order to be able to organize this kind of dive totaly safely.

Come on and dive with the Bull Sharks with Phocea Mexico

Dive on an amazing wreck and enjoy the swim of schools of eagle rays around the boat with Phocea Mexico

Dive on an amazing wreck and enjoy the swim of schools of spotted eagle rays

Phocea Mexico organize for you dive trips on the C55 witch is in Puerto Morelos, at the north of Playa del Carmen. The wreck is an old transportation navel of the Mexican Navy that have been sunk to create an artificial reef. It's now lying on the bottom at 28 meters.

From November to April, this dive will also offer you the possibility to enjoy an unexpectted show : a majestic ballet of spotted eagle rays.

The ideal destination to combine diving and tourism

Phocea dive center is ideally located in Playa del Carmen, in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, on the «Riviera Maya», 40 miles south of Cancun International Airport, under an hour of most major Mayan sites and of the most interesting tourist attractions of the area. This destination is perfect for everybody, both divers and non divers. Phocea invites you to discover the archaeological sites, thanks to our self drive tours, to discover the Mayan vestiges and share unforgettable experiences with the Mexicans.

Don´t think twice, let our professional team help you to discover the wonders of Yucatan and its friendly inhabitants.

Chichen Itza

Sea Sheperd

Phocea Mexico joins the Sea Shepherd!

After having been granted the Ambassador Center « Longitude 181 Nature » certification and involving ourselves to respect the international responsible diver declaration, Phocea Mexico gives a step forward towards the ecosystem protection supporting the action of the Sea Shepherd!

Founded in 1977, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is an international non-profit organization that is dedicated to the underwater fauna and flora conservation. Its mission is to fight against marine bottoms destruction and species massacre in all the oceans of the world, and also to set up concrete measures to preserve the ecosystem. The Sea Shepherd stands out with the use of direct actions to expose to everyone the illegal activities taking place in the high seas and destroy them. The Sea Shepherd is indeed engaged in the safeguard of the ecosystem biodiversity for next generations.

Paul Watson founded the Sea Shepherd, he was born in Toronto (Canada) in 1950. In the 70’s, he made him known as a Greenpeace sea-man and militant. In total dissension with the leading authorities of the organization, he decided to do it on his own in 1977 with the creation of Earthforce Environmental Society. His first campaign lead him to West Africa in 1978 to protect elephants. This species is then seriously threatened by poachers and the ivory business. At the end of that year, Watson acquired the British trawler Westella that he renamed Sea Shepherd. This very same name became the one of the organization in 1981.

The denunciation of the whales massacre in Siberia from 1981, the fight against the massive slaughter of seals in the Saint-Laurent Gulf (Canada) destinated to the cosmetic industry, the opposition to the suffering of sturgeons destinated to the illegal business of caviar, as well as the sharks’ one that are just thrown back to the sea near Taiwan after having wildly their fins cut. It has been now 30 years that Sea Shepherd has been leading its action all over the seas. So many fights with just one common purpose : protect and respect species.

Sensitive to the environmental questions and to the preservation of the ecosystem, Phocea Mexico has actually decided to support Sea Shepherd’s actions. We have signed an agreement with this organization to transfer it 2$ (USD) per diver we welcome. Sea Shepherd’s logotype will accompany from now on Phocea Mexico’s one. Moreover, we are going to improve the way we work in-house in order to sensitize at the highest level the divers regarding the importance of the environment protection. We also are thinking about, among other things, evoking systematically these topics during our pre-dive briefings, but also scheduling beach cleans-up. And many more actions to set up along weeks.

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